Anti- Discrimination Policy 

Proprietary Interest Policy

Privacy and Information Security of Learners’ Records Policy 


                                                                        Anti-Discrimination Policy

The President is responsible for the implementation, dissemination, and acknowledgment of a policy to ensure that all individuals involved in continuing education/training will not be subject to discrimination.

Beginning of  Independence  Group  LLC,  in accordance with applicable  Federal and  State law,  does not discriminate based on race, color, national origin, religion, sex, gender identity, pregnancy, physical or mental disability,  medical condition,  ancestry,  marital status,  age,  sexual orientation,  citizenship,  or service in the uniformed services. The beginning of   Independence   Group   LLC also prohibits sexual harassment.   This nondiscrimination policy covers admission, access, and treatment in all SRPC Training programs and activities.

Inquiries regarding Beginning of  Independence  Group  LLC nondiscrimination policy and reports of violations are welcomed at the President’s Office: Beginning of Independence Group LLC, 23550 Harper Ave. Suite 221, St. Claire Shores MI, 48080

Reported violations of this policy will be documented and reviewed on a case-by-case basis by President

                                                                 Instructor’s Proprietary Interest Policy

In advance of any learning event, any instructor must disclose to SRPC Training and to the learners prior to the beginning of any learning event any proprietary interest in any product, instrument, device, service, or material discussed during the experience,  event,  or program,  as well as the source of any third-party compensation related to the presentation. No commercial interests are allowed during the presentation from other vendors or agencies without approval from SRPC Training. Products that are the presenter’s own material may be included for sale or as part of the course materials of a learning event only with approval from SRPC Training. Learning event materials must state that the products are the presenter’s own material.

                                                               Intellectual and Legal Property Rights Policy

SRPC Training works with other agencies, institutions of higher learning, public schools, businesses, and other entities in preparing materials, products, instruments, devices, and services for continuing education and training  (CE/T). Whether these efforts are financially supported by SRPC  Training or by other means,  it is necessary to address intellectual property rights.

SRPC  Training shall own all goods and services created or provided in its learning events. If contracted, the client shall acknowledge SRPC Training’s ownership of all goods and products. At times, joint ownership is in the best interest of the subject being presented and should be agreed upon during planning for the topic. Also, all ownerships other than SRPC Training are disclosed to learners before the first day of the training event.

Subject to the client’s right to publish the results of research and development activities, and except as otherwise required by law, the clients always agree to protect the confidentiality of all records and information.

Any deliverables resulting in a  contract environment shall be the property of the SRPC training and shall not be distributed or reproduced for profit. A deliverable is a tangible item that is a product of the research and development activity such as a report, a guidebook, training manual, or a data set.

Ownership of copyright in all copyrighted works, and ownership of all other results, including but not limited to data resulting from research and development activities,  shall belong to  SRPC Training. For such non‐deliverables, the client grants SRPC Training a perpetual, royalty-free, non‐exclusive, paid-up license to use, publish, and distribute these results.

                                                   Privacy and Information Security of Learners’ Records Policy 

The President is responsible for ensuring the privacy and information security of learner records according to the following policy:

Outside of accessing the LMS, Learners may request copies of their own learner record by contacting the President and asking for a request via email.

The President will review the request and respond.

Under no circumstances shall any SRPC personnel use any participant’s information for use outside of the scope of the course.

The use of participant’s personnel information shall be limited to, and only as necessary, to assist that participant with a customer service request.

It is the policy of SRPC Training that its records be retained only so long as they are:  Necessary to the current conduct of the organization’s business.

Required to be retained by statute or government regulation; or

Relevant to pending or foreseeable investigations or litigation.