School Restorative Practices Coordinator

This training is designed for individuals or teams to lead a school by developing and implementing a Restorative Practices program in their school.  Participants take an in-depth look into restorative practices and other social sciences to prepare each participant to lead a school community to develop, implement, and monitor a restorative practices program.  

Upcoming Virtual Workshops

Upcoming Workshops 2024/2025

June 25th,2024 |  8:00 am to 10:00 am EST   $75-$85  per team member

Mastering Restorative Consequences Flowcharts for Student Success

August 6th, 2024: 8:00 am to 10:00 am EST   $75-$85  per team member

Mastering Restorative Consequences Flowcharts for Student Success

 August 8th, 2024| $1050

The (SRPC™ School Restorative Practices Coordinator) Certification

The (SRPC™ School Restorative Practices Coordinator) Certification is the only credential explicitly focused on building positive relationships among all stakeholders. As an SRPC, you will gain the skills needed to support your Superintendent, Principal and building leadership. You will learn how to analyze all school behavior improvement programs to ensure they align with your school’s goals – now and in the future. To impact change across your building or district, you will develop core competencies to demonstrate your expertise in restorative practices and other social sciences.

  • Monthly live virtual coaching
  • 8 self-paced online modules
  • Coaching support for all 8 modules
  • 1 final exam consisting of 100 questions
  • A minimum score of 80% is required to pass
  • Combined for 40 hours of blended learning

Session 1: Mastering MTSS & Restorative Action Plans

Overview: Explore the essentials of Multi-Tiered Support Systems (MTSS) and Restorative Action Plans. Learn to design and implement effective strategies that align with educational goals.


  • Develop an actionable Restorative Action Plan.
  • Align MTSS strategies with school objectives.

Session 2: Exploring Social Contexts in Education

Overview: Understand the impact of restorative practices on school interactions and culture.


  • Analyze the role of social contexts in educational outcomes.
  • Implement strategies to enhance school culture.

Session 3: Effective Strategies for Working with Students Restoratively

Overview: Apply restorative approaches to promote positive behavior and engagement among students.


  • Develop techniques to improve student engagement.
  • Create supportive learning environments.

Session 4: Conflict Resolution Techniques in Education

Overview: Master conflict resolution using restorative techniques to maintain harmony within your school.


  • Implement conflict resolution strategies effectively.
  • Restore and maintain peace in school settings.

Session 5: Developing Social Intelligence in Educational Settings

Overview: Enhance social skills to effectively manage and understand student interactions.


  • Foster empathy and active listening among staff.
  • Improve understanding of student behaviors and needs.

Session 6: Innovative Problem Solving with Restorative Practices

Overview: Utilize restorative principles to creatively solve classroom and school-wide issues.


  • Employ restorative problem-solving methods.
  • Engage students in the resolution process.

Session 7: Implementing Restorative Classrooms and Circles

Overview: Learn the techniques of setting up restorative circles and proactive classroom management.


  • Establish restorative circles effectively.
  • Promote inclusivity and proactive conflict resolution.

Session 8: Comprehensive Review for Restorative Practices Certification

Overview: Prepare for your certification exam with a detailed recap of all key restorative practice concepts.


  • Review and consolidate knowledge from previous sessions.
  • Successfully prepare for and pass the certification exam.

Certificate of Excellence in Advanced Restorative Practices Coordination